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funding solutions overview

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Quantum wealth business advisory have been fantastic. It is nice to work with a professional group that is legitimate and will work for you the right way!
Atlanta, Georgia
Quantum Wealth Business Advisory exceeded all my expectations. Their personalized business coaching sessions were enlightening, and their expertise in securing funding was unmatched. With their guidance, my business skyrocketed to new heights, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Quantum Wealth is the secret weapon every entrepreneur needs for success.
David Reynolds
Daytona Beach, Florida

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private equity
& Venture Capital

At Quantum Wealth, we understand the importance of access to capital in fueling innovation and driving growth. Through our extensive network and strategic partnerships, we offer entrepreneurs and businesses unparalleled access to private equity and venture capital funding to bring their projects to fruition.
Our Approach:
Our approach to funding projects is rooted in collaboration, innovation, and value creation. We work closely with entrepreneurs and business leaders to understand their vision, assess their funding needs, and develop tailored solutions to support their projects.
Access to a Diverse Network:
Through our vast network of investors, including private equity firms, venture capital funds, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals, we provide access to a diverse range of funding sources. Whether you’re a startup looking for seed funding or an established company seeking growth capital, we have the connections to help you secure the funding you need.

equipment financing

No matter what industry you’re in, new equipment is often critical to achieving your goals or maintaining your success. Yet, the ability to buy equipment is dictated by your available cash. Banks aren’t always amenable to financing equipment; plus, you may want to preserve your bank loan capacity for other operational needs or growth opportunities. 

Financing or leasing allows your equipment to pay for itself  

Quantum’s commercial equipment finance and leasing program lets you use the earnings you generate from your new equipment to pay the monthly payment, cover additional overhead costs and contribute to your profits. Quantum  acts as your financing broker to find the right leasing company for you. The leasing company then finances you by purchasing the equipment; you lease the equipment over a fixed, negotiated term; and you then have the option to purchase the equipment when the lease expires—price and terms depending on which leasing option you select.

asset based lending

Our asset-based lending program offers a flexible financing solution that leverages the value of your company’s assets to secure funding. Whether you’re looking to finance inventory purchases, invest in new equipment, or support working capital needs, our program provides the liquidity you need to take your business to the next level.

merchant capital

A merchant cash advance, sometimes also known as a business cash advance, lets you borrow against your future credit card transaction revenue. Imagine this: you need some extra cash today, but you don’t have business assets that you can pledge as collateral for a standard business loan. Instead, you can ask for a cash advance from a lender now and repay it through a fixed percentage of your daily, weekly or monthly credit card payment receipts. If business grows, you will repay the advance more quickly. If things are slow, you get more time. It’s a fast and flexible solution for many small businesses in areas like food and beverage, retail and leisure.


Quantum’s unsecured Lending Program is designed specifically to help Canadian businesses unlock their growth potential. Our program provides businesses with the capital they need without requiring collateral, giving you the freedom and flexibility to invest in your business’s future.

Whether you’re a start-up, a small business, or a large corporation, our Unsecured Lending Program is tailored to meet your unique financial needs. Say goodbye to the limitations of collateral-based loans and embrace the opportunity to secure funds without pledging assets.

Construction Financing

Whether you’re looking to bid for a new project, fill seasonal gaps, or expand your construction company, construction businesses of all sizes and specialties can benefit from construction company funding.

Getting the funding you need from a traditional lender like a bank can be difficult. The process may take weeks, and most loans are denied because construction company funding is often considered “high risk” due to volatility of demand, fluctuations in cash flow, and thinner margins.

Quantum’s Construction Financing program finances more construction projects than traditional lenders, often in just one business day. We fund all specialties in Canada, including remodelers and renovators, contractors, concrete, electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, landscapers, specialty tradespeople, and more.

Empowering Non-Profits

At Quantum Wealth Business Advisory, we understand the critical role that non-profit organizations play in driving positive social change. That’s why we are dedicated to providing tailored fundraising solutions designed to help non-profits maximize their impact and achieve their financial goals. Through our comprehensive suite of services and strategic guidance, we empower non-profits to cultivate sustainable revenue streams, foster donor relationships, and advance their mission-driven initiatives.
Here’s how Quantum Wealth Business Advisory helps non-profits raise money:
1. Strategic Planning:
   – We work closely with non-profits to develop customized fundraising strategies tailored to their unique goals, resources, and target audience.
   – Our team conducts thorough assessments to identify strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities for growth, ensuring that every fundraising effort is strategically aligned with the organization’s mission and vision.
2. Diverse Fundraising Channels:
   – We leverage a diverse range of fundraising channels, including individual giving, corporate partnerships, grants, events, and online campaigns, to maximize revenue generation opportunities.
   – Our experts provide guidance on selecting the most effective channels based on the organization’s priorities, audience demographics, and fundraising capacity.
3. Donor Cultivation and Stewardship:
   – Building strong relationships with donors is essential for long-term sustainability. We assist non-profits in cultivating donor relationships through personalized communication, engagement strategies, and stewardship practices.
   – Our team offers training and support in donor prospecting, cultivation techniques, and effective stewardship practices to nurture lasting connections with supporters.
4. Grant Writing and Management:
   – Securing grants is a crucial source of funding for many non-profits. We provide grant writing assistance, helping organizations identify relevant funding opportunities, craft compelling proposals, and navigate the grant application process.
   – Additionally, we offer grant management services to ensure compliance with reporting requirements, optimize grant utilization, and maximize the impact of awarded funds.

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